It is the purpose of ROLCS to inspire and motivate our students to pursue lifestyles that are personally and professionally satisfying, founded upon a lifetime of worship, community service, and high standards in ethics, workmanship, and scholarship.


The primary goal of ROLCS is to provide a total, quality Christian education experience.  The curriculum of ROLCS will be designed to develop, expand, and enrich the intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of K – 12th grade students.  The specific goals of ROLCS, include the following.

ROLCS is a faith-based educational program which will teach students that they must receive Jesus Christ as their savior in order to have eternal life, and to seek God first for guidance.

ROLCS will emphasize the core subjects of mathematics, reading, language, science, social studies, health, and Biblical foundations.

ROLCS will prepare all students to be an integral part of the 21st century workforce of technically qualified, athletically gifted, and masterful trained performing artists.

ROLCS will prepare its students to become sophisticated problem-solvers with greater access to technology and to possess an extensive knowledge of the worldwide web and its data bases, networkds and resource opportunities.

ROLCS will increase in all its students, the awareness and appeal of technology and global international based careers and opportunities.

ROLCS will prepare its students to become involved, well-informed, socially active, and responsible citizens of both the United States and the worldwide citizenry.